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How is the porch garden you ask? Well it has been a while since I have written and here are my updates. My peppers are coming along, my lettuce did great! Many salads were enjoyed. My basil looked sickly at first because all it did was rain forever and ever. Then the sun came out and it absolutely blew up. I just made pesto the other night. It was good but I used a little too much garlic and unfortunately I only have a blender, not a food processor. My tomatoes though, are a tragedy. I am embarrassed to admit this, but I have blossom end rot. I think that the soil I used was too high in nitrogen but perhaps I under watered. I used the emergency calcium chloride solution and managed to terrorize the poor plant and well, sadly it seems to be a loss. I feel much more garden confidence than last year though when I killed herbs with a vengeance. I now know that I can make food come up from the ground!

So while this has been going on, I noticed that the new movie Julie and Julia came out and listened to a review of the movie. I figured I would bring this up because it is both food related and relates to providing entertainment in our post-apocalyptic village. I haven’t seen the movie. I will most likely watch it at some point. Perhaps I will get to a theater or maybe it will sneak up on me while I am on a plane one day. Once I see it, maybe I will offer a movie review of my own. That is not what I want to talk about right now though. I want to talk about Meryl Streep.

Meryl Streep is of course, other worldly. She is an amazing actor. From Out of Africa to The Devil Wears Prada—wait. There it is. There is the problem. Poor Martin Mull, you had to take any roll that was offered to you. Julia Sweeney? You were under a terrible SNL contract and so when they said, the movie will be based on your character Pat. What could you do? Meryl Streep, I don’t care if you can save the movie. Maybe there are some scripts that you should not take on. In this movie, it is true. You took an amazing iconic character, Julia Child and you brought her to life on screen. Yes you are amazing. You are so amazing that maybe you should say, “make me a movie that is JUST about Julia Child. That is where the brilliant story and movie lies! Get it done!” You don’t though, you do the movie and the reviews come in and they perhaps are nearing comical.

Julie and Julia got mixed reviews. The “Julie” half of the movie was reviewed as thin and not engaging. The New York Times, on the other hand, writes about Meryl Streep, “Often when gifted actors impersonate real, familiar people, they overshadow the originals, so that, for example, you can’t think of Ray Charles without seeing Jamie Foxx, or Truman Capote without envisioning Philip Seymour Hoffman. But Ms. Streep’s incarnation of Julia Child has the opposite effect, making the real Julia, who died in 2004, more vivid, more alive, than ever.” More alive than ever. Ever? Ms. Streep, you have made Julia Child more alive than when she was alive, somehow without overshadowing her. Show off.

The movie Mama Mia? Was there even a plot written for the young female character? Sure, I can see that it was a fun staged musical but when you take it to screen, the plot of the young girl searching for her father. I couldn’t care less. And I don’t remember at all who she was engaged to. Give me Meryl Streep rocking out on a Greek Isle to ABBA any day though. I will watch that for hours. Meryl on stage? Of “Mother Courage and Her Children”, again the Times says, “If you ever wanted to watch one willowy human being lift a 12-ton play onto her shoulders and hold it there for hours, even as her muscles buckle and breath comes short, join the line of hopefuls waiting at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park for cancellations to see Meryl Streep burning energy like a supernova in the title role of Bertolt Brecht’s ‘Mother Courage and Her Children.’” Wow. So here’s the game. “Meryl Streep, please save my movie”.

There will be long boring hours in our post-apocalyptic village. Folks, we may not have an internet connection. During these hard times I suggest this game. Come up with a terrible movie. Take whoever the lead of that movie was and replace them with Meryl Streep and then review the movie. Let’s take the 1997 movie, Spice World. “Tell you what I want what I really really want? I wanna really really really really zigga zig ah-mazing! A light hearted plot about pop stars, Posh, Baby, Scary, Ginger and Sporty Spice, there seems to not be much there, but Meryl Streep, cast as the sixth spice, Cardamom transforms this movie. She turns a penny candy movie into a fine french parfait all while looking absolutely fantastic in a mini-skirt and platform boots.” I could continue, but there will be time later on while I’m waiting for the bread to rise. If I don’t have Scrabulous, at least I’ll have this.

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  1. Bummer about the blossom end rot. My tomatoes are a success – I would have totally bartered for your excessive kale!

  2. Yes. Instead I will be be packing leafy greens into me from now until the morning. Ow.

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