Now have bread, yum. Bread.

It worked! I feel as though my dough was a little too sticky but the resulting bread was really good! I believe that the hardest part of making this bread is getting the dough into a 450 degree pot and then 30 minutes later taking the lid off of ridiculously heavy and hot pot. I used to have pot holders, but now I seem to only have pot holder. Additionally, I am unclear as to what the tipping point for my oven rack is and I was very sure that as I slid the rack out to put the dough in that I would tip the rack and it would fall towards me and suddenly there would be far more pain and injury that I am able to handle. Due to this I burned the edge of my hand. Fear will always be the enemy. The next time I do this I will try a trial run of pulling out the pot to put the dough in before it is hot to see how sturdy this oven is. I will also buy new pot holders.

Another side note is that when the bread comes out of the oven it crackles like a bowl of rice crispies. Not sure what the cause of this is. I will check the internets and figure out that tidbit of info.

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