Pepper balls!

I looked at my pepper plant and I actually seem to be growing peppers! I am perhaps overly impressed by this, but there you go. Also I noticed when I took the picture that I am kind of proud of my pepper plant for having grown a pair. The lettuce also seems to be becoming more lettuce. Two points for me!

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  1. Love it! I now want to run home to see if my peppers have balls yet. Heh.

  2. Seriously, otherwise when our peppers are together in the gym locker room it will be all awkward.

  3. My lettuce is sort of sad and spindly, but I have a handsome little tomato knob or two budding. Oh, and your bread looks fab. Fear is indeed the enemy when it comes to hot. The crackling is from the air coming out of all the little yeast-holes. Finally, this article: made me think of this blog!

  4. I love this! I particularly love the quote: “D.I.Y. charcuterie are the new garage band”. I think that it goes beyond food. The entire craft culture and interest in consignment shops over malls is catching on. When I was on the roof at Mike’s house I was talking to someone about slow-cooking, growing tomatoes to jar home-made sauce and CSAs. Slowly but surely.

  5. It’s true – I think it’s the inevitable swing of the pendulum as everything has been on track since the Industrial Revolution to become more mechanized and more artificial. Much like the crafts, I also think that farming and cooking have gone from necessity to sort of a luxury, leisure sort of activity. Which is a little too bad, because it runs the risk of keeping it from those who could really use it (see the Will Allen article I posted on FB…)

  6. i’m writing to wonder how you guys got so far from the pepper ball conversation. and too see if my icon is still that angry, pensive face. the end.

  7. We have an amazing ability to take a tangent and run with it, Liz! But also, we are talking about the larger implications of pepper balls. Kinda.

    And now ALL of our icons are different. I sorta miss my little glasses guy.

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