Hey Maine. C’mon.

So what is this same-sex marriage all about anyway? Why do the gays want to get married? Will same-sex marriage ruin straight marriage for everyone else?

Tomorrow Maine will vote on Question 1. Voters will decide whether to overturn the law which approves same-sex marriage. So here we stand. We the people who fail to learn anything from history. Hey, there is always another group of people to discriminate against, right?

Marriage. I have often said that I don’t believe anyone should be able to get married. I think that the state should only be able to hand out civil unions to folks and then you can go to whatever mosque, temple, church, beach, VFW, parish, meeting house, satanic den, that you want to and battle it out there. I really want to oust God from the law books. God is just dangerous when he gets involved in the law. It is such a short skip from mixing church and state to Quakers hanging on Boston Common or say, Protestant heads on stakes. I prefer to draw a thick line betwixt the two. Currently though, marriage is still the language we use and these days since you can’t seem to become president unless you talk about how much you love going to church, we are going to battle this thing out in a long and drawn out emotional and frustrating way. That is the way we do social change. Abolition, suffrage, desegregation, gay marriage…unfortunately the pathway to equality does always seem to be paved with some of the ugliest words and acts. So here we go again.

I personally, do want to get married at some point. Mostly what I want is to get married and have people shut up, smile and say congratulations. Can I put that on invitations? You might think that I am going to hell, and you might think that I am tearing apart the god loving fabric of American society, but mostly what I am doing is wishing that you would hush and worry about your own life. Maybe I think you are going to hell too. If you read the bible just right, you can find a passage in there that pretty much condemns everyone. Maybe I think you are tearing the fabric of American society apart by worrying about the wrong problems. At least I have the sense and decorum to smile thinly at you and wait until I am at home to talk about you. So you go to church and drink the blood of Christ and I go to brunch and drink Bloody Marys. So what. Let’s just all calm down and save our “I told you sos” for the afterlife. There will be the time. For now I think it is important to focus on our commonalities.It’s so much more civil.

I also think that it is important to remember that this affects more than just the gay folks. For example, if you are friends with me and we get rid of gay marriage then there is a good possibility that I will just keep going to your weddings and drinking from your open bars and I will never offer you my own open bar wedding for you to abuse. It also affects our entire society because when we accept discrimination against one group we open up the door to discrimination against others. Battles are won when we as a whole decide to abhor oppression of anyone. Although, one of my wishes is for each republican to have a gay child, it also helps to remember that as long as you are not sure who will be in power next it is always useful to be kind to everyone. It really does help to avoid not having things come around to bite you in the ass later.

So tomorrow, come on Maine. Do the right thing. I mean we northerners have always been good at understanding that what you do to keep yourself warm through the winter months is your own business, right?

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