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That’s What Sie Said.

As promised in an earlier post…

Now it’s time for Fun with Gender Neutral Pronouns!!

I am really tolerant, trust me, and yet for some reason I have a hard time incorporating gender neutral pronouns into my language. I seldom take the politically correct high road and ask the question of a new group of people, “which gender pronouns would you all like to use?” (Although that would be a GREAT ice breaker at parties.) I do however, believe that language is important and how a society refers to different groups and individuals often reflects the value that groups are given within that society. Women used to be referred to using diminutive terms and that reflected how women were viewed. Of course arguments can be made that even after language changes we still have a long way to go. So while I continue to piss off the gender free linguists of the world, let’s talk pronouns.

My first round of searches made me think I should go a little lighter on myself regarding my PC nature. One page started with the question of why people are resistant to gender-neutral pronouns and then the next sentence was, “rather than try to give a single compact answer here, i decided to write a long multifaceted thing resembling a Usenet thread.” It was indeed long and I gave in. There weren’t even any graphics. I was simultaneously being asked to move into the future by changing my language and read something that seemed like I pulled it off of ARPANET. I got as far as reading about how even capitalizing “I” was a bit offensive and I fled.

So the first thing I learned was that if you want me to start using your neologisms then you need to make some pop songs, sitcoms, fancy web sites, and youtube videos. This is where I learn new language from. Hello, “bling”? So get on that.

I then stumbled upon something called “Spivak” pronouns. Immediately after that I went to IMDB because I thought that Spivak might have been Sean Penn’s name in “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”. It was Spicoli. I think that Spivak might make a good insult. “Way to go Spivak.” Until that catches on, Spivak pronouns will make you sound Cockney. “E was selling matches in London, when ey decided to take eir in and teach eir proper English. Ey enjoyed eirselves quite a bit.” Michael Spivak, a mathematician and author wrote about these forms. He wrote such books as, “The Joy of TeX” and “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Calculus”. These pronouns have caught on some in the virtual gaming world. Which reminds me that at some point in the future I would like to take on the question of how gay you are if you are straight in real life but gay in second life.

Another construct is to use “ze/sie” and “hir” to replace “he/she” and “him/her”. My first encounter with using these words happened while talking with someone who was gender queer (neither identifying as male or female). I went in with a great deal of hope that I would change my speech seamlessly and leave patting myself on the back for my free to be you and me spirit. Unfortunately, my tolerance tends decrease each time someone tells you they are a vegan and absolutely plummets when someone uses the word, “lover” seriously. So that encounter was ill-fated. I was inclined to learn more though which is good. This site does a good run-down of different gender identities some of which would call on your gender-neutral pronoun usage skillz. It also introduces something I didn’t know about, the “Two Spirit”, a Native American person who embodies both masculine and feminine genders. Would you have to take their picture twice to steal their soul or are they intertwined? So many questions, so many offensive questions. Which leads me to this.

Tolerance and understanding are key. It is really important to keep an open mind and as quoted by Henry James, “Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind, the second is to be kind, and the third is to be kind.” I believe it is also a good idea to try and start difficult conversations by finding out what we have in common and then go from there instead of the all at once method. If I wanted to tell my mother that was dating an alien, I might start off by talking to her about how much we both like stargazing. This would give her time to process my intergalactic relationship (I am not dating an alien). We need to give people time to process and accept that people do it at different rates and in different ways. Now I am off to go find a gender-neutral pal willing to share a bowl of bacon with me while we discuss my Two Spirit questions.

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A Peg Above the Rest

Is being gay more about being a gender bender?  As someone who as always considered herself straight, because I am only attracted to men for long term relationships, I find myself attracted to gay men and seeing myself as a gay man.  The activities gay men partake of together is what I would like to experience with my male significant other.  Does being female and wanting to “stick it” to my boyfriend and feel like a gay male with him make me gay?  I love fashion, being a diva, and find myself more and more distanced from identifying as a female and more as a gay male.  I have also dated several bi-sexual men for this reason.

There is a lot to take on here. Whenever that’s true I think that it is always best to start with pegging. I believe that is what you are referring to when you say you want to “stick it” to your boyfriend. For those who think it is strange that I am trying to answer this question by talking about cribbage scoring, let me clarify. Pegging is when you use a strap-on to have anal sex with someone. I think that straight women should make a note of this and if your boyfriend ever asks you to have anal sex don’t hesitate to pull it out and say, “me first!” Okay, let’s get back to the question.

Being gay is not about being a gender bender any more than being straight is about being a gender bender. Both terms (gay and straight) are really just simplifications to help in categorization. You might ask someone if they want tea or coffee and they can answer one or the other but by the time you get to the kitchen you will realize that you really don’t have enough information to bring them something they will want and will probably have to go back and ask some more questions. So let’s start with technical terms. And I would like a black coffee, preferably dark roast.

As opposed to using the terms “gay” and “straight” which are essentially slang, let’s get all etymological. From the Greek and Latin, “Homosexual” means two people of the same sex having sex. Also Greek and Latin, “Heterosexual” is two people of the opposite sex having sex. These words are pretty much concerned with what’s in your pants and what is in the pants of the person you are getting naked with. Then we get into what’s in your brain. Gender identity is what you consider yourself and how you refer to yourself. This can be male, female, neither or both (I’ll talk gender neutral pronouns later in another fun-packed word origin post). Then there is gender role which is how you exhibit your gender in society and with others and is influenced by the societal and cultural norms that you have been raised with. So with all of these things coming into play we can get a great amount of variety and range. This is before we even begin to touch on what you like to do in bed which can open up a whole other realm of variation, for example furriesvf1 thumb A Peg Above the Rest
. Thank you internet.

So you have lady parts, you say that you are beginning to identify less as a female and more as a gay male now, you enjoy exhibiting the behaviors associated with being a gay man, and you feel most comfortable dating and sleeping with gay men or bisexual men. That is one way that sexuality, gender identity and gender role can come together. As to whether that makes you gay,  technically if you identify as a gay man and sleep with gay or bisexual men then tada! You’re gay! And welcome. However, if you identify as a female who is a diva fashionista and you dig bisexual men who are into you pegging them then that doesn’t necessarily make you gay. It just makes you awesome and interesting to talk to at parties. The most important thing is figuring yourself out and accepting and becoming happy with whatever you are. Unless you live in the south or mid-west, then the most important thing probably will be moving and the second most important thing will be self-acceptance.

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So which one of you is the boy?

When gays date is one more like the guy and one more like the girl?

That is one of the first questions you decide on when you are gay dating. I mean I don’t know how we would ever get this homosexuality thing off the ground if we didn’t gender divide. How would we decide who wears the white wedding dress? Who wears the tux? Who offers the dowry? Who gets to handle the checkbook and the maps? Who gets to cook and get an allowance for food shopping? It would be craziness! I shudder to think!

I have often thought to myself that I would be much happier in life if I had thoughts more like “Forty hours a week working in a beige cubicle? AND sometimes there will be cake? Yay administrative job!” or “Of course I like men, why would you even ask? I mean if I didn’t like men would I have married my high school boyfriend?” or “The kids are in daycare and I have a white wine spritzer and this Danielle Steele novel. Ah heaven…which is also a place I believe in.” Alas. It hasn’t been that simple.

I do acknowledge that there are people out there for whom gender stereotypes fit like a glove. Either a totally tough and dirty work glove or an elbow length glove that would go great with a ball gown. There are also gay couples out there who can look at those gloves and definitely know who needs to own which. I seem to have a drawer full of all kinds of gloves. Sometimes I feel like I found out about Halloween when I was a kid and I decided it was a year ’round deal. When Halloween does come around I see so many men dressed as women that I would suggest more people to follow my lead. Seriously, the only disappointment is that you only get the bucket of candy but once a year. (A brief digression, the men are dressed as women, the women are dressed slutty, perhaps we are all lesbians? Discuss.)

I also like women who are similar in mindset. I dated a girl once who, despite her love of pink skirts was unnervingly strong. We were looking for an apartment once and she asked me to check the light fixture to see if we could put a ceiling fan in. She then lifted me up off the ground so that I could complete her request. I like the duality it makes things interesting.

I do have one caveat. I would encourage, more than gender dividing, style dividing, especially if you and your S.O. are the same size. I have run into the problem of swapping clothing so much that I can’t even tell which one of us is which. Suddenly you find yourself embarrassingly making out with you. So play to whatever strengths you have. Straight couples should do the same. My mom is better with directions. My dad has a great eye for color. So what. But definitely decide who owns which jeans or you might stop checking out the ass that resides in them having confused it for your own.

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Can we talk? A very special episode.

Do gay people get tired of having to come out to people?

Yes. A long time ago I came out. First I told my journal that I suspected myself of being gay. Then I finally told it the truth. My journal had to take some time to get used to the idea. For a while every time I would write “gay”, my journal would translate it to read “bi-sexual”—seriously, you can go back and read the entries as proof. Eventually though, my journal learned to accept it. Then I told my parents and it was pretty much the same process. By the time I got to telling friends, I had one “very special moment” in which I actually started a conversation of with, “Can we talk? For a while I have been trying to figure out how to say this…” Somewhere in the middle of that conversation I started hating myself and I haven’t ever gone down that road again. I began to find more creative ways to work it into conversation. Also, for a while one of my friends found it amusing to introduce me to anyone new as, “his lesbian friend Jess.” At first I thought to myself, but I’m so much more than that. Then I just gave up and figured, that takes care of that.

The dilemma is this, you just can’t tell everyone. People close to you know but you are always in new situations, or there are distant relatives or acquaintances that aren’t in the know and so it just feels sometimes like it goes on forever. For example, it has now been years since I came out, and yet I still have to tell people more often than you would think. Especially considering the fact that I run a blog called Ask a Gay. Actually, the entire reason for me starting this blog, might be my way of hoping to never having to tell people again. This isn’t about shame folks, this is about the awkwardness of forcing someone into a revelation conversation. Straight people, try it. Find an acquaintance. Ask them out to lunch and at some point over the course of the meal say, “I just wanted to let you know. I’ve begun dating someone new. This might be surprising, but…” Then bring it on home by flooring them with the news that you are seeing someone of the opposite sex. Even stranger, try this in the work place with your work friends. Work friends are already a strange combination of small-talk and random assignment let alone having to say to them, “So this year at the office Christmas party I was going to bring the person I am dating and I just thought you should know…” This is why I refuse to do it. I have decided to just do what straight people do. Show up with my girlfriend and head for the bar. If Dan in accounting or those extended family members look surprised, well there you go. I heard that Dan still lives with his mother, and everyone knows that Aunt Mary and Uncle Fred haven’t slept in the same bedroom since the Reagan administration. What can you do?

It works. People have a small a-ha moment and then everyone moves on with their lives. Because you haven’t asked them to weigh in with advice or opinions, they don’t. You also get to experience something that always surprises me, some people won’t get it. You go to a wedding with your girlfriend, you dance together, you have a grand old time, and yet there will be some people, often the older folks, who just think, “well doesn’t she have a lovely friend.” Really, is that so bad? There is a theory that it is really important to make Grandma face the facts, but I guess I just don’t care. I’m already doing what I want to do by happily living my life with whoever I want to and if Aunt Edna wants to google me, then she will definitely find out about my alternative lifestyle. Beyond that I had my shocking season three sit-com outing years ago and I’m ready to move on. I also encourage you to spare someone the situation. Since we all know that being gay is completely fine and normal, then if you have a friend who has not told you in a long time that they are dating anyone new and they seem to hang around with one really good friend ALL the time. Try saying to this friend, “hey are you guys dating?” Then they can say, “Yes, my goodness, thought I mentioned that.” And if they freak out on you then that will be okay too, because then they can get into therapy sooner rather than later. That will take care of that!

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That’s so homosexual.

Are you offended when people use the word “gay” in a negative sense?

It is pretty gay but then it is usually only gaywads that do it so sometimes I can let it slide. I actually like using the phrase, “that’s so gay,” when something seems particularly stereotypically homosexual. For example, if I saw two men having sex with each other (which is so stereotypically gay) I would definitely call them on it. I probably have also been guilty of using the phrase to put something or someone down, but look what happened. Now I’m gay. So let’s see what is out there on the interwebs.

Thanks to the urban dictionary we have this definition of the word gay:

1. jovial or happy; good-spirited
2. a homosexual male or female
3. often used to describe something stupid or unfortunate. originating from homophobia. quite preferable among many teenage males in order to buff up their “masculinity”

Sadly the first definition is only used by old people which is a shame because there are days when I feel pretty gay but when I try to express that to people we all just end up confused. So let’s focus on the third definition. I suppose the short answer is just, yes, it’s offensive. Even if it is only on a subconscious level, it perpetuates the idea that being gay is a negative or bad thing which is harmful to the community. That being said, I have always found that it showed such a lack of creativity that it ended up making the person using the phrase look like a bit of an idiot and therefore lost some of it’s fire.

Something equally troubling is that I did a search for the phrase “that’s so gay” and I found a video of someone saying that it doesn’t even make sense because “gay isn’t and adjective”. Another person, arguing in favor of using the phrase, likened it to other situations in which words have double meanings, “such as which and witch”. Perhaps the reason why people use insults as dull-witted as “that’s so gay” is due to lacking a basic grasp of the English language. They recognize a situation in which they dislike something and so they dive into the sentence wanting to find a scathing put-down but then they get as far as , “that’s so…” and realize the limits of their vocabulary. Then they just fizzle out with a “…gay”.

I actually found an entire PSA campaign trying to discourage use of the phrase. The tag line is “When you say that’s so gay, do you realize what you say? Knock it off.” I think that the knock it off punctuation is really what will stop people. That and the fact that Hillary Duff is one of the spokespeople for the campaign. Though she softens the blow by complimenting the girl’s jeans. I believe that perhaps a PSA with more punch would have been a bunch of old people using the phrase, “that’s mighty white of you” and then a tag line of, “When you say that’s so gay it makes you look like a racist senior citizen.” That’s just one suggestion though.

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We’re here! We’re queer! Assless chaps!

Why is it that so many people get naked at Pride? Does being gay make you want to get naked all the time?

So you go to gay pride because you support gay rights and equality. You think gay marriage should be legal in every state. Homosexuals can offer as strong and as loving a home for children as any straight couple. You are standing at the parade ready to cheer on civil rights for everyone! No more persecution! No double standards! It is time that we learn from our past and never restrict any human’s rights based on race, ethnicity, gender, religion, or sexual orientation ever again! You can not write discrimination into the constitution! And then…boom! A whole bunch of naked people! What to do? Let’s face it. It’s hard to talk about freedom when you have a bunch of boobs in your face.

In the beginning, let’s call it the genesis of the pride parade, there was Adam and Steve. It was the 60s and Adam and Steve and many others were being persecuted by the police. The police would raid bars and establishments frequented by homosexuals. They took payoffs, used entrapment to arrest gays and raid bars and they received lawyer kickbacks. In New York in Greenwich village, June 28th, 1969, the New York Police raided the Stonewall Inn and instead of business as usual, the gays fought back. The first pride parade was held in 1970 in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco to commemorate the Stonewall riots.

Gay pride parades grew to celebrate diversity without judgment, or hatred. They represented a movement to embrace all lifestyles. Drag queens, dykes on bikes, bears, cubs, leather daddies, the transgendered, and so on could all come out and feel accepted. Tired of being marginalized and forced to live in the closet or be ashamed of who they were, the pride parade allowed folks to be large and in charge. It was joyful and a show of strength and solidarity.

So when did everyone start stripping? There are two things happening. The first is easier to explain. Big party known for embracing all lifestyles in a non-judgmental way, plus alcohol equals naked. This equation works with music festivals, Mardi Gras, free-to-be-you-and-me colleges. If you tell people that we are all a big open and accepting family and then give them alcohol sometimes their clothes come flying off. If it starts raining and there is mud it gets even worse.

The second thing that’s happening I have more ambivalent feelings about. The no-judgment aspect of Gay Pride is good. The idea that what you do behind closed doors is your business is good. There is a moment however, when we depart from the LGBT movement and enter into the sexual freedom movement. Suddenly, while you are trying to explain to a nice couple from Oklahoma how gay marriage is okay and we are pretty much like everyone else, someone rolls a fisting demonstration up behind you. I am all for sexual freedom. I think that whatever two consenting adults enjoy doing with or to one another is fine. Judge not lest ye be judged and all of that. I also think that education is the key to understanding. I just, sometimes, just every once in a while, let’s say just when I am really hoping that we could pass some legislation to legalize gay marriage, I kind of wish that the sado-masochistic bondage demonstration would not show up to the party. Have another party on a different day perhaps. I will fight for your right to do whatever it is that you do (as long as it involves consenting adults and everyone comes out alive) but I wouldn’t mind having two different parades.

So I guess now I am out of the closet. I would like for the gay pride parade to be a little more boring and political. I am gay and it doesn’t make me want to get naked in the streets. I also hear that some people go to Mardi Gras for the music. It certainly takes all shapes and kinds and I am open to that but perhaps just until gay couples are able to adopt a child in all 50 states it might be easier to make your arguments for that while you are not holding a double-ended dildo.

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Everyone should equip their house with a gaydar.

What is this gaydar? Do all gay people have good gaydar?

Thanks you once again internet. I just looked up gaydar and I stumbled upon the OkCupid Gaydar test. They give you twenty pairs of people on OkCupid and you guess who is gay. I got 60% right and tested better on the 10 pairs of women than on the 10 pairs of men. I like to think that I got 100% right and that 40% of the people are lying. Come on people, come out of the closet already, it’s 2009.

Gaydar is an innate ability to detect who is gay and who is not. This is something that often is easy. Don’t be too impressed with your gaydar if you see a woman with a shaved head, rainbow necklace, and a t-shirt that says “No-one Knows I’m a Lesbian” or conversely “Smith”. Those are your easy blips. If your gaydar goes off on the subtle gays then you can claim prowess over others.

Depending on how well you know me, I have been known to throw off a gaydar every once in a while. This might have something to do with the fact that when I used to drink I had a tendency to make out with men. Oops. Perhaps my own gay signal was on the fritz; I believe I have mostly corrected that. I would like to introduce the idea of a GPS, “gay positioning system” to help determine where on the sexual map you are. You can give your coordinates like G 85% 23 S 15% 8. Of course the way to interpret that would be: I am 85% gay, I have known this since I was 23, I am 15% straight, I have had 8 relationships in order to determine these facts. I think that this would be a convenient way of getting to know people especially in the realm of dating.


As an addendum here, a friend of mine brought up the alternate talent of Jewdar which I thought was interesting because I generally set off Jewdars like crazy. Due to a strong Eastern European background and having been raised in New Jersey, I have had to come out as a Catholic twice in my life.  I then, subsequently had to explain that much like being a reform Jew, I am a reform Catholic. I don’t really follow any of the rules, but I feel a lot of guilt. I also celebrate Christmas with just a light dusting of Jesus sprinkled over a bold stroke of pagan winter celebration and German tree hunting. Finally, I feel like I will always be able to claim to Catholicism because I passed the final—Confirmation. Once you pass Confirmation you always get to be a Catholic no matter what, just like I will always have my B.A.

(For those who don’t know “confirmation” is just a less profitable version of a bar mitzvah, mostly due to the amount of rosary beads that you end up with—if I was born in a different time I could have bought Manhattan, and then probably been persecuted for being a Catholic, damn Protestants.)

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Shhhh, it’s the military. Pass it on.

Funny. Actually, I think that there should be a policy where no one is allowed to serve in the military. There, world peace. Who would have thought it was so easy? So as wikipedia was the first thing popping up in my search engine, here it is. The “policy prohibits anyone who ‘demonstrate(s) a propensity or intent to engage in homosexual acts’ from serving in the armed forces of the United States, because ‘it would create an unacceptable risk to the high standards of morale, good order and discipline, and unit cohesion that are the essence of military capability.’” Well we wouldn’t want homosexuals to go and ruin everything and spoil a good war.

The don’t ask don’t tell policy seems perverse to me. You can’t be in the military if you are gay—out loud. It seemed like there might at least be some logic once upon a time to no gays in the military. People will start to have relationships with each other (clearly, because who can resist a man in uniform) and then you would be mixing love and guns and that get in the way of having a proper war. Fine. I didn’t agree with it but then again, I think people should stop shooting at each other. It at lease was logical discrimination. People could just say, we dislike homosexuals and so we are keeping them out of our war party. Now we have a policy that is absurd while still being discriminatory.

So now gays are allowed in the military but they have to keep quiet. This assumes that if they were openly gay then all kinds of relationship stuff would get involved and when you mix guns and love you can’t have proper violence. Which, is not true by the way. I guess you don’t have organized violence. There are women in the military though and some of them are heterosexual. There are also heterosexual men. Shouldn’t they have to keep their heterosexuality quiet? I mean if men and women begin to show that they are openly heterosexual to one another then I feel like that might lead to all kinds of hanky-panky. Oh sure, that isn’t allowed, but smoking pot on college campuses isn’t allowed either. Look how well that’s going.

So then perhaps it has to do with showering together. I have never served in the military as I think is clear, but in my imagination everyone is showering naked together all of the time. I am not sure why I believe this, but at one point it was mentioned as a reason why the homosexuals will make everything awkward and after that the military just became one big showerfest to me. It’s a wonder any foreign invasions ever get done. So even if we go with my scenario, “the military is filled with huge communal shower stations and everyone shares one bar of soap.” Is it more awkward to have an openly homosexual person see you naked than to have a secret homosexual person see you naked? Why? Isn’t that strange? So my solution here is stop sharing showers you really aren’t conserving that much water.

It also seems that gay people are much better at picking up Arabic yet clearly when they speak in Arabic it must make them sound particularly gay. I have to do more research on that but on the whole, it seems to me that if you have people around ready to go into situations where they might have to shoot people or get shot, people willing to risk their lives just because someone in position of authority says, “go risk your life”, people who are fluent in the languages of the people you are shooting at,  you shouldn’t care who they sleep with. You should be thankful they are willing to do what many people may consider to be insane. If you start getting all particular about things then you might end up with no one around to play masters of war with you and then what?
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Howard Zinn

Is this a good time to quote Howard Zinn?

Yes. It is always a good time to quote Howard Zinn.

“To be hopeful in bad times is not just foolishly romantic. It is based on the fact that human history is a history not only of cruelty, but also of compassion, sacrifice, courage, kindness. What we choose to emphasize in this complex history will determine our lives. If we see only the worst, it destroys our capacity to do something. If we remember those times and places–and there are so many–where people have behaved magnificently, this gives us the energy to act, and at least the possibility of sending this spinning top of a world in a different direction. And if we do act, in however small a way, we don’t have to wait for some grand utopian future. The future is an infinite succession of presents, and to live now as we think human beings should live, in defiance of all that is bad around us, is itself a marvelous victory.”
- Howard Zinn

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Musicals, Softball, Pedicures, and Tools

Why do so many Gay men love antiquing? I never run in to Lesbian couples in the antique stores but it’s nearly impossible to go into one without there being at least one male Gay couple. I don’t get it.

Ah stereotypes. In an earlier post I linked to a blog called Stuff Lesbians Like and of course there is one of my favorites, Stuff White People Like. Vespas! It’s so true! We love Vespas! I think that stereotypes are appealing because there is at least a grain of truth in it. I do stand-up and I still am surprised how well gender stereotype humor goes over. Men and women are different! Isn’t that the whackiest? I did a little google on “stereotype true or false” just to see what came up. My results:  Stereotypes about African Americans, Italian Stereotypes, Swedish Stereotypes. I of course clicked on the site listing Swedish Stereotypes. I tried to think of the Swedes. Blonde? They love functional and cheap furniture? Alas, it was mostly an article about socialism. Well that’s true. The Swedes are totally a bunch of Nordic socialists.

Our brains like to take shortcuts. One of these shortcuts is to generalize. At one point perhaps it helped us make quick decisions in the wild, now it helps us make quick decisions in malls, “a black cardigan, everyone can use a black cardigan.” These generalizations are usually based on something observed, whether it is positive or negative. The down-side of course, is that negative stereotypes can be used to hurt people, keep them down, out of jobs, in a lower station in society, etc. They also limit us from seeing the wider spectrum of how people are. So there are perhaps, more gay men who like antiquing than straight men. However, there is also pressure from society, particularly American society, for a straight man to not openly show a love for antiquing.

I remember recently someone was telling me that they were out with their husband buying something to decorate the house. I forget what the item was but let’s say curtains. It was her husband who chose the pattern and length and cared more about the whole look and feel. When they got to the counter, the man checking them out joked with the husband that he was being dragged around by his wife and hopefully would soon get to do something he enjoyed. I don’t know, probably something like football, or strip clubs, you know whatever the heck it is that straight men do. When men show an interest in things that are “feminine” it is typically thought of in a negative way. The Bravo netowork can only do so much to change people’s minds. (Come on Metrosexuals! Stand up and be counted!) So perhaps more straight men like these activities than own up to it, or they show an interest as children and are discouraged. It is difficult to tell what we would all be like if we didn’t have the influence of societal norms.

So yes, gay men like musicals and antiquing and have a better sense of style. But I like musicals and antiquing and I also can’t throw a ball to save my life. I am a lesbian who doesn’t care about sports and perhaps there is a really butch gay man out there playing football just wondering why he doesn’t care at all about expensive wine because although most elves want to make toys, some elves want to be dentists.

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