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Shhhh, it’s the military. Pass it on.

Funny. Actually, I think that there should be a policy where no one is allowed to serve in the military. There, world peace. Who would have thought it was so easy? So as wikipedia was the first thing popping up in my search engine, here it is. The “policy prohibits anyone who ‘demonstrate(s) a propensity or intent to engage in homosexual acts’ from serving in the armed forces of the United States, because ‘it would create an unacceptable risk to the high standards of morale, good order and discipline, and unit cohesion that are the essence of military capability.’” Well we wouldn’t want homosexuals to go and ruin everything and spoil a good war.

The don’t ask don’t tell policy seems perverse to me. You can’t be in the military if you are gay—out loud. It seemed like there might at least be some logic once upon a time to no gays in the military. People will start to have relationships with each other (clearly, because who can resist a man in uniform) and then you would be mixing love and guns and that get in the way of having a proper war. Fine. I didn’t agree with it but then again, I think people should stop shooting at each other. It at lease was logical discrimination. People could just say, we dislike homosexuals and so we are keeping them out of our war party. Now we have a policy that is absurd while still being discriminatory.

So now gays are allowed in the military but they have to keep quiet. This assumes that if they were openly gay then all kinds of relationship stuff would get involved and when you mix guns and love you can’t have proper violence. Which, is not true by the way. I guess you don’t have organized violence. There are women in the military though and some of them are heterosexual. There are also heterosexual men. Shouldn’t they have to keep their heterosexuality quiet? I mean if men and women begin to show that they are openly heterosexual to one another then I feel like that might lead to all kinds of hanky-panky. Oh sure, that isn’t allowed, but smoking pot on college campuses isn’t allowed either. Look how well that’s going.

So then perhaps it has to do with showering together. I have never served in the military as I think is clear, but in my imagination everyone is showering naked together all of the time. I am not sure why I believe this, but at one point it was mentioned as a reason why the homosexuals will make everything awkward and after that the military just became one big showerfest to me. It’s a wonder any foreign invasions ever get done. So even if we go with my scenario, “the military is filled with huge communal shower stations and everyone shares one bar of soap.” Is it more awkward to have an openly homosexual person see you naked than to have a secret homosexual person see you naked? Why? Isn’t that strange? So my solution here is stop sharing showers you really aren’t conserving that much water.

It also seems that gay people are much better at picking up Arabic yet clearly when they speak in Arabic it must make them sound particularly gay. I have to do more research on that but on the whole, it seems to me that if you have people around ready to go into situations where they might have to shoot people or get shot, people willing to risk their lives just because someone in position of authority says, “go risk your life”, people who are fluent in the languages of the people you are shooting at,  you shouldn’t care who they sleep with. You should be thankful they are willing to do what many people may consider to be insane. If you start getting all particular about things then you might end up with no one around to play masters of war with you and then what?
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