Email Marketing

Walk for Hope is one of City of Hope's major peer-to-peer fundraising events. The goal of this targeted email campaign is to encourage and guide thousands of participants to be inspired to meet their goals each year.

An example of an email with segmented messaging

An example of an email with segmented messaging

Email Marketing Process and Sample Text

Email Marketing Process and Sample Text

The email above is an example of one of hundreds of emails that I created for City of Hope. Each email campaign was customized with dynamic content to meet the needs of specific audiences. Then careful research and data analysis was done to ensure continued engagement. Below is the text from the email seen above.



(Text for people who have made self-donations)
Congratulations, we see that you made a personal donation which means you are off to a great start! When you lead by example and jumpstart your fundraising, it WILL inspire others to do the same. Don’t stop now—continue to tell your friends and family why you are fundraising for Walk for Hope. Send an email or post to Facebook and ask 10 friends to match your personal donation and you will be well on your way to fundraising success!

(Text for people who have not self-donated)
You took the first step when you registered for Walk for Hope. Congratulations, we are so proud to  have you walking for City of Hope! Now, lead by example — make a personal donation toward your fundraising goal. Your commitment WILL inspire others. Simply make a $25 donation and then ask 10 friends via email or on Facebook to match it, which means $250+ towards your fundraising and your name on the Donor Wall. It really can be that easy to FUNdraise!

And remember, there is a (free) Walk for Hope app for iPhone or Android that allows you to send emails, post to Facebook, send a text or receive a donation on-the-spot! Thank you for your efforts and for joining us in 2016. Always remember to share why or who you walk for. Your commitment and determination inspires us and provides HOPE, that together, we can build a world without women’s cancers.


Alexandra M. Levine MD, MACP
Chief Medical Officer
Melinda and Norman Payson Professor of Medicine
Professor of Hematology/Transplantation